Resolved… to dance daily

Dwelling the deep darkness, I search for the beautiful life. Surrounded by the stench of death and decay, the tunes of sorrow and sadness saturate my senses. I look for the light to break into the darkness. I long for the chains that clang around my soul to be shattered. I hope for life to be more than a mere noun for my existence, but that it will take on the added meaning of fulfillment and abundance.

When I met Jesus, God unveiled His pleasure upon me. The chill of winter thawed and the veil of death’s dark shadows were shattered. The chains were broken. The broken heart and battered soul were made whole. The lyrics of despair were transformed into a song of joy. And I am clothed in the majestic garments of praise. Today and forever, I live in the glorious light of victorious salvation under the banner of God’s grace. No longer constrained to the march of mourning, my soul delights in the dance of victory.

So, as one set free from sin’s embrace, I resolve to dance daily.

4 thoughts on “Resolved… to dance daily”

  1. Very well said !!!!!!! God grift is a spring of hope for every one that will give there heart to Him . For me , I know the victory is won !!!!!!


    1. Wow. So true, The Lord Jesus Christ is your Savor. If you don’t know Him. He is still your Lord and Savior. Lord open eyes, ears, hearts and souls. Freeing, your people from bandage. That thy may know and feel the freedom you give from fear, guilt, shame, the feeling that they can never be loved. For God the Father is LOVE and You are loved by Him. Let him be your JOY, Peace your everything. No one can take you from His arms.


    1. Wow so true , give it all to Your Lord and savor. Yes YOUR LORD AND SAVOR. IF you don’t know him, HE IS STILL YOUR LORD AND SAVOR. I pray Lord that you will open eyes, ears hearts and soul. SO thy my know what I know. The chains of shame, fear,guilt,pain and be leaving you are not loved or could ever be loved. WOW: YOU ARE SOOOOOO LOVED By Your HEAVENLY FATHER


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