Resolved… to hope.

The seas give way to the force of the storm, felling towering oaks of water across the bow. The skies are darkened with a blanket of doom as the sadistic squall swallows hope and spits out despair. The soaring winds and surging waves steer the vessel to the ravenous reef, drowning dreams and devouring delight.

In the face of the terrifying tempest, hopeless hearts give way to courage. When the ravaging rage of the storm pillages our strength, fear-filled souls are buoyed by faith. Even as despair’s darkness shrouds our thoughts, the shimmering rays of peace pierce our anxiety-saturated spirit. For I am not alone. I follow the wave-walking, wind-taming, shadow-shattering, death-destroying, rock-rolling Rescuer, and when He speaks the raging storm is silenced, the tempest trembles, and tumultuous seas are stilled.

Because I walk with Jesus, I am resolved to hope.

(Psalm 65:1-13, 89:9, 93:1-5; Matthew 8:23-27, 14:22-33)

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