Campus Catalyst Update

“Campus Catalyst” is First Norfolk’s response to the expansion of the highway adjacent our property. As you are aware, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has taken ownership of a portion of our property for this expansion. Over the next several weeks, months, and years, there will be construction on our property. We are thankful for what the highway expansion will mean for Hampton Roads, and we are thankful for how God will use this expansion, even in the face of some difficult circumstances, for the continued mission of First Norfolk in the days to come!

Our attorneys continue to negotiate and talk with the representatives of VDOT, and they continue to make progress. It is anticipated that you will see Sunday, June 19th, five (5) grey containers that will store our lawn mowers, golf carts, tools and equipment, and other maintenance materials. The containers will be in place during the 3-5 year construction and will not interfere with future expansions or parking. VDOT will be moving the items from the warehouse July 12-15th.

Also, we ask that you pray earnestly:

1. God’s favor in decisions that will be negotiated tomorrow, June 17.

2. Unity in the vision that we are prayerfully seeking now and that we will pursue in light of this highway expansion.

3. Wisdom in responding to the new realities we face in light of the construction.

4. Greater mission faithfulness as we more urgently help those who are far from God find life in Jesus.

5. Pray for Hampton Roads! We ask that you join us in praying that First Norfolk be a blessing to these 7 cities which we love.

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