Campus Catalyst Meeting August 28

As another busy summer becomes more behind us than before us, it’s time for all kinds of “back to__________” occasions. We have our next Campus Catalyst meeting on August 28 at 5 pm in the Worship Center. We will talk about where we are, where we are going, and seek the heart of God for how He wants us to respond to the opportunity of the Interstate construction project.

The picture above was taken August 24, 2016 and shows progress of the installation of the new cooling tower. This project has been going on for about 6 weeks and should finish within the next 2 months. The disruption of the parking lot in this area is a preview of things to come when the interstate construction begins.

Our guest parking was relocated because we lost the convenient entrance to the area. This move of guest parking to the Southeast portion of the property is under review for a possible permanent relocation.

Continue to pray that God would have favor on our church and for us to hear how He wants us to respond in the days ahead.