Fall Leadership Training

My recent reading of Real Life Discipleship by Jim Putman left me intrigued by an interesting observation he made about Jesus, saying that He had “completed His work” as recorded in John 17. He poses a great question – How could Jesus say this when He had not yet gone to the cross? His answer is that the work God had given Him to do and the work that He had completed was to make disciples!

This completed work led to His final assignment to his followers (Matthew 28) to go and make more disciples. For our church, LIFEgroups are the vehicles we have chosen as our primary avenue for making this happen. It is through our groups that people’s lives are connected in such a way that God uses the combination of His Word and these relationships to help us grow into missionary followers of Jesus who love God, love others, live the mission, and continue the process of making disciples. SO, that begs the question, how are you doing in your assignment to “make disciples?”

In order to help us all take steps in that direction, you will be blessed by the line-up of trainers we have with us for the one-day Fall Leadership training on Sept. 25. I am thrilled to have a practitioner with us this year as our keynote speaker to challenge us to be even more effective in this high calling! Bill Donahue is one of the most recognized names today among discipleship pastors around the nation as God has used him to shape and influence the lives of countless men and women in their quest to live in obedience to this command of Jesus to “Make Disciples!” Join us for this one-day training — you will not be disappointed!

Find more information and register for the Fall Leadership Training.



Author: pherring416

Follower of Jesus, Husband, Father of three sons, Associate Pastor, Educator, Student at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

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