Urgency for God (Psalm 63:1)

David declared that his search for the Lord was not haphazard. It was not some flippant response to the needs of the moment. It was not merely a prayer of immediacy, but it was a life-and-death search born out of urgency. He had to find the Lord God or he would surely die.

“My soul thirsts for You; My flesh longs for You in a dry and thirsty land where there is no water.”

The urgency of our prayers needs to match the urgency of a person drowning. Gasping and struggling for air, the drowning person fights for the next breath, giving his last ounce of strength for air. We must have that same kind of urgency for God.

So often, we content ourselves with our prayers of immediacy. “Lord, help me with this problem. Lord, forgive me of this sin. Lord, take away this situation.” We need those cries to our Loving Father when we’re in need, but the urgency that fuels our prayer should flow from a heart that yearns for God. We should stretch out our heart and soul for the Lord because we’ll surely die if we don’t take hold of Him. We are like the man in the wilderness without food or water, and Jesus is the Bread that gives life and the River that satisfies our soul. If we don’t find Him, then we’ll die.


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