Unwrap Christmas

This season we’re constantly on a quest for just the right present for those we love. Sometimes the search can lead us through the treacherous aisles of the department store, wrestling for linen or lace with lecherous, mauling mobs at the mall. It can lead us through the dense jungle of toy stores, while weird animals sing to us in weird voices and tones.

The first Christmas inspired an adventurous heart in people. Today, we find an explorers heart alive in a few men from the Orient in search for satisfaction, truth, and purpose. They were on the best quest, for they sought to pay homage to the King.

Now after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, behold, wise men from the east came to Jerusalem, saying, “Where is he who has been born king of the Jews? For we saw his star when it rose and have come to worship him.” (Matthew 2:1–2, ESV)

When we come to Christmas, we have a great yearning for a quest fulfilled. There is beating in our soul the desire to taste the sweet nectar of peace saturated with purpose.  We want satisfaction!  And that is exactly what Christmas offers to all who pursue the King who is born in Bethlehem. I invite you to join me and others on this journey to seek the King, Jesus Christ.

When the wise men found Jesus, they found the treasure for which they searched. They found the treasure, for they found the King!  These men, who neither knew nor worshipped God, rejoiced with exceedingly great joy when they found the place of Christ’s birth.

When they saw the star, they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy. And going into the house, they saw the child with Mary his mother, and they fell down and worshiped him. Then, opening their treasures, they offered him gifts, gold and frankincense and myrrh. (Matthew 2:10–11, ESV)

Here is the joy of Christmas unveiled. The Magi tasted transformation on the breeze of the Judean hills. They had searched for the King, and they had found Jesus who would change them forever.

Here is the joy of Christmas unwrapped for us today. Jesus Christ, the King, who has come to be the righteous ruler of His people, will transform our lives. He has come with good news to those in need. He has come to make whole those who have been shattered, to set free those who are in chains of sin’s guilt, to comfort those who mourn over their lost lives.

This season, we are on a quest for the treasure of Christmas. Jesus is the King who controls that treasure. We learn from the wise men that our search will be satisfied completely when we bow our lives in service to Him… when we receive the gift of life, joy, and forgiveness through His sacrifice on the cross for our sin…  when we give Him the gift of all that we are.

I pray that you and I might unwrap Christmas fully. I pray that we would worship Jesus Christ the King. And Jesus fills our hearts with joy, with purpose, with forgiveness, with life. Today, on your quest for the treasure, travel to the King of Christmas. Turn to Jesus and trust Him to fill your soul with the joy and the life we all crave.

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